It's not easy being a Dark Lord.

Paul Dale.

Author Info

Paul Dale lives in Bath, England. When he's not writing, he's cycling, and can often be found struggling up the hills around his home. Paul has a BSc in Physics with Applied Physics from Bath University and a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.

Review snippets.

Hope to see more from this Dark Lord! - Jeffry A witty, very tongue in cheek adventure. Right away you find yourself rooting for the "bad" guy and hoping the good guy gets a face full of punches. I really hope there will be a second installment. - Puppypaws98 Seriously, I need the next one. Go on. Get writing. I am only stalling for words at this point. Quit reading my review of your book and get me the next one. - A Customer I love this book and can't wait for the next one to come out. Highly amusing characters and plot make this a great read. - Amazon customer Demoncall